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Hi! Welcome to PureMoi Soap Factory. We're Dorota & Martyna, the mother-daughter founders of PureMoi. At the very beginning, the intention was never to start a business. If you let us, we would like to take you back on how it all started.


"Formerly, Dorota had severe allergies; from anything she would intake to what she put on her skin. Scared her allergies would worsen, she decided to turn to her grandmother's natural medicinal methods & create from that, her own body products. With time, results became clear as day making everyone wonder how she did it. And at that moment, PureMoi, was born!" 

Our products were then tested out & modified based on our customer's feedback. Since we have built personal relationships with our customers, we have received many wishes to customize our products; either scents, colors or extra ingredients. Essentially by popular demand, we have made it our main priority to work with our customers in designing a product that will fit their needs & desires.

And so, PureMoi has been created by high demand a people's company, really. Our goal for the next few years is to continue listening to our clientele by bringing constant innovation & creativity to the world of body products. We are here to serve you & make you realize, that you too, deserve to be PureMoi.